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Curious about what the project steering committee, project ambassadors, or project stakeholders are seeing or saying? All meeting agendas, presentations, and summaries will be available for review and download throughout the process.


Where does Moraine as a community stand today? Find out in the Existing Conditions Report.

February 9, 2023

Project Kick-Off

A meeting with city leaders and development groups will be held to kick off the comprehensive plan process! 


March 30th, 2023

Ad Hoc Committee Meeting #1

A meeting with the project review team will be held to start discussing public involvement, current conditions of the City, and cover project roles and responsibilities.

Agenda  |  Presentation

March 30th - 31st, 2023

Focus Group Meetings

A 60-minute discussion for key individuals to discuss challenges, strengths, trends, and opportunities for Moraine.

Summary Packet


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